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A Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews

I am an avid reader with a passion and love for books.I enjoy sharing my passion of reading with my children and my friends. I am a stay-at-home mom by day and work in management for a call center of a textbook company that provides for high schools, colleges and universities around the globe....
Clicks: 611
Category: Book Blogs


Online black book promoter, book reviewer, radio show, and book club.
Clicks: 613
Category: Book Blogs

Age is Just a Number

Blog of self-published book, Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online dating. Blog contains free excerpts of the the book, reviews of online dating sites, introductions to books about relationships (online and off) via blog tours, guest posts and giveaways.
Clicks: 97
Category: Book Blogs

Ashley's Book Shelf

My name is Ashley, I am 20 years old and I live in Georgia. I am currently working towards my RN degree. I hope to one day work with God's tiniest miracles. I also think it would amazing to be a nurse/publisher. I consider myself to be an avid reader who is never without a book to read. I also extremely love blogging and meeting new people whom share the same passion that I do. You can contact me at:
Clicks: 309
Category: Book Blogs

B'Tween Prose

Teen and Young Adult book reviews, occasional giveaways, frequent book tours and promotions.
Clicks: 1332
Category: Book Blogs

Book Noise

Clicks: 310
Category: Book Blogs


Thoughts from a book lover
Clicks: 323
Category: Book Blogs

Divine Perspective

Blog about life, relationships, love, books, writing and more---from a Christian Perspective.
Clicks: 306
Category: Book Blogs

Good Choice Reading

Clicks: 409
Category: Book Blogs

I Am a Reader, Not a Writer

Clicks: 569
Category: Book Blogs

Literary Gumbo

Literary Gumbo is a hodge podge of reading and writing options for people who love books and the ones who love to write them. The owner, LaTara Ham-Ying is an avid reader, published writer, and aspiring book author with a passion to share the best in books, authors, and information to help other aspiring writers succeed....
Clicks: 437
Category: Book Blogs

Loves 2 Read

Family friendly review site - mostly family friendly books, some products and occasional giveaways and promotions.
Clicks: 1181
Category: Book Blogs

Nice Girls Read Books

My name is Brittany and I’m a 21 year old girl living in Australia. I’ve been reading since I can remember. I started very young and my interest hasn’t wavered. It’s always been a passion of mine. I like to dabble in writing (both original stories and fanfiction) though, going back over my work isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing!
Clicks: 411
Category: Book Blogs

Pg.59 Book Club Blog Spot

I am the Co-founder of Pg.59 Book Club and we are a new Atlanta based bookclub which seeks to inspire, cultivate, and bring together those interested in reading and networking. Thus,we hope we can form a partnership with those with similar interest. This is a link to our book club blog site. We look forward to hearing from you!
Clicks: 553
Category: Book Blogs

Rainy of the Dark

Blogging, promotion, marketing, writing, publishing articles, as well as author and character interviews.
Clicks: 119
Category: Book Blogs

The Story Siren

Mainly Young Adult literature reviews from the point of view of a 'young at heart' adult.
Clicks: 336
Category: Book Blogs

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