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The Collector’s Solution


Since I was a child I have always liked reading, playing with jig saw puzzles and music. As a teen I amassed quite a collection of books and jigsaw puzzles. As an adult the jigsaw puzzles gave way to more books and a solid collection of CDs and DVDs. I have moved quite a few times in my life and each time I was forced to make a decision of which books, CDs and DVDs to part with. These were either given away or “gasp” thrown out.

The last move before I got here to Pennsylvania was particularly horrific. I’d been in the State of New York for 21 years and when you’re moving from one state to another, your choices get pared down drastically. You want to cut costs on what you have to transport across the state lines because of rental rates and mileage etc.

I like to think of myself as a collector, my family has come close to using the dreaded “h” word—yes, “h” as in hoarder. To help combat the advent of my straining shelves, my daughter gave me a kindle for Christmas three years ago which now holds a total of 1,310 books (picture that on shelves in my apartment).

As the music director at church and the self appointed family entertainment personnel for holidays I also had an excuse to purchase CDs and DVDs on an ongoing basis. I established an informal lending library to share my collections and I had open house days where choir members could stop by to choose VHS or DVDs of their choice to help control the growth.

To make extra cash I could also sell my CDs or DVDs online. Why not erase clutter and obtain compensation at the same time? It would definitely make me feel a little better about the separation anxiety and of course, I’d have money to buy more kindle books—most of them are under $10. anyway.

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